Whitman's Intramural 体育 program (IM 体育) is a large student-run program that hosts anywhere from 9-12 different sports throughout the school year.  The success of Whitman's intramural sports programs and the friendly yet competitive spirit of our intramural teams are examples of the powerful sense of community on the Whitman campus.

Students regularly gather on Ankeny Field to participate in one or more IM events - as independents or as members of teams hosted by fraternities, sororities and residence halls.

Don't just take our word that Whitman has a fantastic intramural sports program - BestColleges.com同意. It named Whitman as one of the best colleges for intramural sports in 2015!

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The Intramural Committee is governed by internal by-laws which are available here. To contact the committee, email imcommittee@惠特曼.edu. If you have questions about intramural sports, check our 常见问题页面.


  • Intramural Basketball

    Games played Sunday-Thursday nights in the Multipurpose Gym. November 2nd through December 11th

  • Intramural Dodgeball

    Games primarily played in the racquetball courts Sunday-Thursday nights. February 1st through February 26th

  • Intramural Flag Football

    Games played primarily Friday-Sunday on Ankeny and Harper Joy. September 19th through October 25th

  • Intramural Soccer

    Games primarily played Saturday-Sunday on the Whitman soccer practice fields (unless snow--then played in the MP gym). October 30th through December 13th

  • Intramural Softball

    Games primarily played Friday--Sunday on the diamonds by the Whitman soccer practice fields. April 1st through May 8th

  • Intramural Table Tennis

    Games primarily played in residence halls Monday-Thursday nights. February 1st through February 26th

  • Intramural Tennis

    Games played primarily Sunday-Thursday in Brattain. September 21st through October 22nd

  • Intramural Ultimate

    Games primarily played throughout the week on Ankeny, and Harper Joy as necessary. April 4th through May 6th

  • Intramural Volleyball

    Games primarily played on outdoor courts throughout the week. April 4th through May 6th

  • 常见问题

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